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Advisory Services

At AZ, we strive to help clients create and maintain value by harnessing the expertise and in-depth industrial knowledge of our highly qualified professional team as well as the expertise of many professionals and specialists in various sectors, to develop innovative technology-based consulting solutions to solve our client’s business challenges and help them grow and achieve financial results. We do not sell services, our mission is to help organizations and companies become more successful, help clients innovate and seize opportunities, Getting them to the right solutions for their organizations and industry. We approach with our clients’ challenges with creativity, knowledge and experience to see the whole picture – from a client’s point of view, not ours. We work to make clients become more efficient and productive as we optimize your cost-saving opportunities.

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Risk Advisory Services

Enterprises are facing increased challenges for business leadership to succeed in the face of market dynamics, competition and increasing regulatory burdens. Today, risk management is leadership instrument, preform a syndrome necessity as companies are increasingly being required to report and disclosure not only financial numbers but also how to monitor changes in market conditions, technology and related risks and opportunities. Risk management also adds a competitive advantage to companies because early identifying opportunities and challenges and implementing the necessary changes in a timely manner helps to seize opportunities, address challenges and prepare for them.

AZ’s team, of specialists experienced and technical knowledge in addressing the risks surrounding governance, compliance, competition and technological innovation offer innovative perspectives that help clients access skills and insights that can help identify and prepare for tomorrow’s unforeseen challenges, and seize new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Risk services include
Evaluating internal audit activity.
Helping to develop and evaluate the governance system.
Reviews and assessments of information security.
Dynamic risk assessments.

Information systems consulting

In today’s business environment, companies are becoming more technology-dependent.
The challenge lies in how to turn technology into a real strategic feature. Just investing in technology alone is not enough, but technology must be applied effectively in order to contribute to success and increase efficiency.

At AZ, the team’s approach is designed to deliver actionable insights and added value that will help clients grow and succeed. We help manage the complexities of technology, apply artificial intelligence and data automation in the processes and procedures of client’s organizations, to help increase efficiency and enable real transformation. We focus on making IT solutions practical, affordable and client business suitable. Rest assured with advice from AZ; you won’t end up buying expensive products that are inappropriate for your business.

AZ company can add value to your organization in the following areas:

Designing work procedures.
Analyzing and evaluating automated information systems.
Building and designing accounting cycles and business flow charts.
Configuring information systems according to business requirements.
Helping implement ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Work cube, Kerradge, Focus).

Other Advisory Services

Evaluation services for assets, inventory, activities and businesses.
Reorganizing and institutional building services for companies and organizations, and preparing manuals for internal policies and procedures.
Designing and improving internal control systems Services.
Economic studies (economic viability studies) for projects.
Governance Consulting.