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Tax Advisory Services

At AZ, we understand that one of the main problems that companies and organizations faced is dealing with taxes. It is a very complex problem that requires help of professionals with extensive expertise and knowledge. Your reliance on helping our professional experts deal with tax authorities and resolving tax disputes will save you and your organization a lot of money, effort and valuable time. Our team of highly technical expertise professionals, can provide you with customized tax advisory solutions that improve your tax costs and ensure you get the best value and more focused service. Our extensive experience dealing with tax regulations will ensure that your tax records are fully compliant with tax legislation and that you pay no more taxes than you need to.

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Tax Representation

Whether you are in dispute with a tax authority, or in the process of claiming refunds, AZ specialists can help you ensure that your case or claim is professionally presented, technically sound and properly supported in terms of documentation and evidence. Our services in this regard include providing assistance with:

Preparing and submitting all tax returns and maintaining appropriate documentary support.
Dealing with all tax authority enquiries in a careful and intelligent way and drafting a legally appropriate response.
Dealing with assessments, objections and appeals.
Advice on tax return filing deadlines, tax payment deadlines and other important dates.
Resolving tax disputes and tax litigation.
Providing information and assistance with regard to the country's tax incentives and investment areas that attract special exemptions.

Tax Training

If you have the human resources for the tax compliance function, AZ can provide training to your teams to ensure that the latest skills and knowledge needed for effective tax compliance are instilled and maintained.

Your Tax Advisor

AZ team has a long history with helping the firms and organizations they have worked for, that enabled them to get to known the tax issues firms have faced and the tax planning that is required to help them. As a business owner, it is important to have a tax advisor who understands your business and can also complete personal tax aspects in a proper manner.

At AZ, we provides you with high quality tax services, we have tax specialists and a fresh approach that defines us, the passion we have to make a difference, to strive to improve and strengthen the tax positions of the companies we work with, and help them to do things righty. Our tax people all share the same values and ambitions and combine decades of tax experience with a clear approach of uncompromising integrity. Whether you have one company or a large group of companies, we’ll help you plan, mitigate tax risks and achieve tax efficiencies that in turn save you money. Where our tax services include the following:

Company's income tax
Payroll taxes
Value Added Tax (VAT sales)
Zakat and Social insurance
Business and real estate tax