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We understand that our team is central of our success and our most valuable assets.

Meet Our Team
We view that investing in people is the most important investment in the future of our company, recognize the importance of professionally and academically qualified staff in making difference, creating value, achieving efficiency and sharing success. This understanding enabled us to take a positive approach to building and establishing the AZ team from the very beginning. Our team has been carefully selected to include a set of energetic young partners, with diverse experiences and common goals and aspirations. We have some of the best staff in our profession, a team of diverse, forward-thinking professionals constantly striving to deliver fully-integrated client solutions in an atmosphere of continuous learning.
We are a diverse community of people with a broad depth of technical knowledge in different business sectors. we value our diversity and the many different perspectives our people bring to complex issues. That’s why we are focused on creating an inclusive and innovative environment where our people can flourish and learn. This includes investment in their skills and knowledge to further expand, deepen and evolve our expertise. We also invest heavily in training and professional development ongoing, to provide our team with the needs skills sets to add value to your business and personal location.
Creativity, innovation and teamwork are important aspects of our approach to work, we work together and sharing innovative tools, updates and best practices. This enables us to have a consistent and client focused approach in everything we do. We focus on selecting a homogeneous and specialized team work in the client industry, which can provide the best services and create the best solutions.

Our business is led by a strong management team

which has contributed to the development of a comprehensive and distinctive understanding of clients’ needs, with a unique strategy of creating an innovative work environment that enables us to help our clients anticipate, identify and solve problems that are important to their success. By attracting the country’s brightest talent, employing the world’s leading knowledge, technology, skills and expertise resources to provide the best we can to our clients and employees and make a difference in their lives.

Zakaria is the Manager partner of AZ with over 8 years of various experience

in providing accounting and taxation services, financial and tax planning, financial management and final accounts for a wide range of clients and industries. Mr. Zakaria is an expert in providing solutions to specialized issues, including inventory, design and implementation of costs systems, overhead allocation and financial analysis. Mr. Zakaria is a strategic leader who takes a forward-thinking approach to serving clients with a continuous focus on building the ideal, technologically advanced team. Maintains the company’s values, ethics and culture and works on formulating and implementing long-term strategies. Mr. Zakaria graduated with honors from the Accounting Department at Sana’a University and holds many professional certification degrees and is a member of the Association of Chartered Accountants.

Zakaria Al-Foadai

Managing Partner

Abdualwadood Al-Rifai

Audit Manager
He has over 12 years of professional experience

in providing assurance, external and internal audit services, tax, financial management, final accounts, and implementation of ERB systems in a variety of industries including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, non-profit entities, transportation, banking, restaurants, tourism, telecommunications, technology and many other industries. Mr. Abdualwadood, owns the efficiency and pragmatism in addition to preciseness and tranquility, has successfully led various annual audits and strategic consulting services for many companies and organizations. Mr. Abdualwadood graduated with honors from the Accounting Department at Sana’a University and holds many professional certifications, He is a member of the Association of Chartered Accountants and the Association of Internal Auditors.

He specializes in business valuation, asset valuation and tax advisory services.

Mr. Ahmed has worked with companies ranging from startups operations to some of the largest commercial groups, in a variety of industries. He has managed complex projects for strategic planning, financial analysis, corporate restructuring, purchase price allocation, fresh start accounting, asset depreciation analysis, tax planning and compliance, financing, investments, securities, and financial modelling. He is a technical expert in tax consultancy. Mr. Ahmed graduated from the Accounting Department of Sana’a University with honors and is a member of the Association of Chartered Accountants and the Association of Internal Auditors.

Ahmed El-Fil

Director of Consulting

Haitham Ahmed

Quality Control Director
Mr. Haitham oversees the quality of the accounting and auditing practice,

monitors compliance with quality standards, and is responsible for Firm policies and procedures. Mr. Haitham is a seasoned audit professional with 8 years of experience in accounting, auditing, internal controls and regulatory oversight. He has in-depth knowledge of GAAP, audit reports, assurance and related professional practice standards. His expertise includes managing risks associated with operating in a highly regulated industry, specifically in the testing and documentation of internal controls over financial reporting, and substantive testing approach. He has extensive experience in various industries such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale, telecommunications, transportation and non-profit organizations. Mr. Haitham graduated from the Accounting Department of Sana’a University, and has many professional certifications.

Senior strategic consultant whose focus on transforming unaligned technology systems

into integrated, usable platforms. During his previous work as senior consultant to the region’s largest information system Onex Pro (Yamen Soft), generated tremendous experience in ERP, business requirements analysis, systems integration, accounting software implementation, financial management and strategic planning, its recruitment and evaluation strategy and guidance and information policy development. He oversaw the development and implementation of RESOURCE Planning solutions for many leading organizations. Mr. Fahmy is an expert in information systems auditing and the use of computerized auditing techniques to access and analyze data to increase audit efficiency. Mr. Fahmy graduated from the Accounting Department of Sana’a University and is a member of the Association of Chartered Accountants.

Fahmy Al-Junaid

Systems Consultant