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Accounting Advisory Services

In the business environment in which many companies and organizations practices their activities, Companies face a myriad of accounting challenges and preparing complex and high-tech financial reports, requiring sophisticated skills and expertise that may not be available internally. And with the increased scrutiny on companies financial reporting and disclosure requirements that the standard setters, regulators, and donors are requesting from companies and organizations, many businesses and organizations are often hard pressed to manage these additional requirements.

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Az's Accounting consultants

has the resources of industry experience and in-depth technical accounting knowledge to help companies and organizations face the most difficult financial and accounting challenges and complexities successfully. In addition to the ambition to provide a service that beyond customer expectations.


AZ provides assistance in compiling, preparing and delivering client financial information in the form of an appropriate financial statement that complies with the complex financial requirements of standards and local legislation.

Conversion to IFRS or applying new standards

The conversion of financial statements to IFRS require in-depth technical understanding of not only the accounting differences, interpretations and potential approaches but also understanding the business implications such as tax relationships, financial disclosures, system changes and training of staff. We at AZ have developed a conversion methodology that will help our client’s smooth transition to IFRS and support companies and organizations in implementing new accounting standards and regulations in their business.

Forensic Accounting (Commercial Arbitration)

Quality forensic accounting is vital as personal injury, professional negligence case or commercial litigation can damage your business. Complex conflicts are common in today’s global business environment. Using financial expertise and technology, we help you to de-complicate financial transactions, rebuild audit tracks, prepare economic damage models, and provide an independent expert’s certificate in commercial or contractual disputes.

Accounting services also include:
Complex and technical accounting
Data analytics
Financial planning and analysis
Improving financial operations
Cost accounting