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Audit Services

Our methodology of providing audit services has been developed with utilize of a knowledge, training and experience of our professionals. We offer a tailored technology-based audit approach, with a strong emphasis on early planning and understanding of client’s business functions. This enables us to identify key audit components and tailor our procedures to the unique aspects of client’s business. The benefit to the client is effective, cost-effective, independent audit, performed in a timely manner by extensive experienced and diverse professionals.

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In a technologically advanced society,

companies have a greater need for fraud detection, identification of information technology vulnerabilities, internal audit, risk management, corporate governance, and internal control reporting services.

AZ has industry expertise

to facilitate these services and meet the needs of companies and organizations across the Republic where we offer the following audit services:

Assurance Services

For some, audits are a backward-looking review of what’s happened, owns a reputation of just being a statutory requirement. For us at AZ they provide a platform for future growth and development something that adds real value to your facility. Our risk-based methodology requires all aspects of your business to be taken into consideration in our assessment of your business’s greatest risks and areas of importance. This enables us to provide you with more than just a statutory audit and accountancy service, but additional solutions on how to improve your business’s financial and operational performance, as well as offer you advice on all your legal and regulatory issues.
The overall goal of the Assurance Services is to provide clients with an independent and objective view of their financial condition and results of operations while maximizing the transparency and reliability of financial information provided to investors, creditors and other stakeholders, which meet appropriate to their requirements, and help clients to meet the requirements of IFRS, local laws and donor requirements.
Our audit approach gives us a full insight into how your business is run because we spend time finding out about it and then plan our work to test the systems in place. We always work with your accounting staff to a pre-agreed timetable in order to ensure that the annual or ongoing audit process is planned and conducted in a manner that minimizes the disruption to your business, but still delivers the necessary level of rigor.
Specialty Audits
You may need a specific review of an area of your business – whether for your own benefit, for key stakeholders or for an external third party. We provide a wide range of high-quality specialty auditing services for various industries, at the lowest cost, including:
Internal Audits
a review of internal procedures and controls at transactional level, for management who want an ongoing check on how things are running.
Grant Audits
for grant recipients who need to demonstrate that funds have been spent in line with the conditions of the grant.
Key performance indicators
e.g. margin analysis or staff efficiency
Complying with SHARIA
AZ provides comprehensive assurance to stakeholders that entities have fully complied with Sharia principles in all of their business transactions and investment operations.

Internal Audit

Modern internal auditing is designed to help the organization achieve its goals and bring a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, internal control, and governance processes. Our internal audit professionals have a unique ability to identify the potential for improvements and add value. We can provide internal audit on either a co-sourced or out-sourced basis.

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